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UPDATED 17-Sep-14 Since the execution of the search warrants on LaDena Mann's properties by the Yakima Police Department, the ongoing investigation into Larry's death has gone in several directions. Evidence continues to be collected and witnesses continue to be interviewed. We've gotten some good tips and the YPD has done well in following through on these.

There continues to be conflicting and changing stories about the series of events that unfolded between December 25, 2009 and January 10, 2010. This is the period of time when Larry's murder and the disposal of his body likely occurred. If you have any information from this period of time, please contact YPD. Perhaps you saw something suspicious; you heard something that didn't make sense; you heard from the friend of a friend a story that seemed more fiction than fact; these are the types of things YPD or the family wants to hear about.

In 2014 our family and friends began having window wraps and magnetic signs placed on their vehicles. The designs are the same as the billboards that we continue to put up twice a year. This has enabled our message to move around the Yakima Valley, as well as travel outside of our area. It's always comforting to have people comment about following the case and prayers for our family. If you are interested in purchasing a wrap or sign for your vehicle, please contact us so we can discuss further.

There continues to be a reward of $10,000 offered for information leading to the recovery of Larry's body. Anyone with information can tip Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-248-TIPS. They can also call Lt. Nolan Wentz at the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-6223.

Arrow R Antler Art and Jewelry will again be sold at the Suncadia Harvest Festival in Roslyn, WA in October. I've been making art and jewelry from Larry's antler collection for the past 4 years and use the money to pay for billboards. Come out and see what new designs I've come up with this year. The Festival will be the first two weekends in October. Hope to see you there!

As always, we appreciate the support of the community and hope for closure for our family.

God's Blessings

~S. Riegel

Update July 15, 2013
On July 11, 2013 the Yakima Police Department executed two search warrants on the properties of LaDena Mann and Debra Mann in the ongoing investigation into Larry's death. Two teams of investigators, along with cadaver dogs, searched the properties looking for evidence of Larry's death. There's little doubt what we believe, as well as YPD, happened to Larry. No remains were recovered at either property, but some evidence was collected that will be analyzed by investigators. There has consistently been conflicting and changing witness stories as to Larry's whereabouts and what happened from December 25, 2009 to January 10, 2010. It's these ever changing stories that has cast doubt as to the probability of Larry traveling to the coast on December 25th and then later walking away from his home on the evening of January 4th.

Larry's normal behavior patterns known to friends and family has never fit together with witness statements. It's because of this that our search for answers will never end.

There continues to be a reward of $10,000 offered for information leading to the recovery of Larry's remains. Anyone with information can tip Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-248-TIPS. They can also call the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-6200.

We appreciate the support of the community and hope for closure for our family.

God's Blessings

~S. Riegel

Press Release 7/28/10
It's been 215 days since my brother has disappeared. It's been a grueling 7+ months, but we continue to hope we will discover the truth of his disappearance. We are currently engaged in a billboard program in Yakima, hoping that reaching out to a larger audience base will bring in additional tips. If you have, or know someone who has, tips on this case, please contact Detective Mike Blankenbaker at the Yakima Police Department.

We are gearing up for another fundraising. We're having a large multi-family yardsale on August 7th and 8th (Saturday and Sunday) from 8AM to 5PM. It will be held at 1801 Pleasant Avenue, Yakima. In addition to regular yardsale items, we will also be selling findlarryriegel bracelets and quilt raffle tickets. Please come out and show your support, we appreciate getting to meet people who share our concerns. As so many missing person cases illustrate, it's the network of family, friends and community that make the day to day activities bearable.

We appreciate the phone calls, emails and cards that continue to come our way. Keep Larry in your prayers and help us bring him home.

God's Blessings

~S. Riegel

Press Release 7/16/10
Our family continues to be devastated by the disappearance of Larry who has now been missing for 202 days. This week we have kicked off a billboard program within the Yakima city limits to remind people of this active police investigation. We are hopeful that this program will bring in new tips and information on Larry═s disappearance.

The investigation to date has had starts and stops. We ask all parties involved to please give their full cooperation to the police, including that of LaDena Mann, Larry═s live-in girlfriend. We believe the timelines, dates and explanations she has given to family, friends and law enforcement to date have not been consistent. This has created increased suspicion and interest on our part.

There have been a number of rumors concerning sightings of Larry, mysterious phone calls and phantom car rides, but it═s our understanding none of these can be verified by the YPD. Without verification, these stories are just that....stories.

Collectively, all of this activity has only made Larry═s disappearance that much harder to investigate and resolve. Regardless of what some may say, Larry═s disappearance was not planned. His life and regular activities have been completely severed. We are extremely concerned that his disappearance is the result of foul play. We feel someone somewhere knows more than what they are saying and we are imploring them to please come forward. Please contact Det. Blankenbaker at the Yakima Police Department, 509-575-6200, with information.

It's been 200 days since Larry went missing. If you have any credible tips or information, we ask that you please contact Det. Blankenbaker at the Yakima Police Department, 509-575-6200.

A new billboard program kicked off within the city limits of Yakima this week. Larry's missing person poster will go up on 3 billboards, they are located at 1St and Beech; North 1st and Lincoln; and 6th Ave and Nob Hill. It's anticipated this kind of advertising will reach approximately 25% of the population. Our family would like to thank Jennifer B. at CBS Outdoors for her assistance and willingness to work with us in getting this program off the ground. The goal of the program is to appeal to and attract the attention of a larger audience.

We'd like to thank Mayor Cawley and the offices of Senator Patty Murray and Representative Rick Larsen for their help in finding resources to further this investigation. We're hopeful these additional resources will assist the YPD and other Law Enforcement Agencies to follow up on the leads received to date.

We're also kicking off a new concentrated effort of missing posters around town. We want to remind people there is a reward offered for information leading to Larry's recovery.

We are making headway on our next Fundraising venture in August. We are planning a large Multi-Family Yard Sale. Look for date and time information in upcoming updates. We already had a large Yard Sale in Snohomish. The outpouring of support from the Snohomish Community was phenomenal. People felt the connection and wanted to help, it was a great feeling! We want to thank everyone who has donated their time and money to this investigation.

My brother had a lot of friends, people who miss him and want answers to his disappearance. Please keep Larry in your thoughts and prayers.

~S. Riegel

It's been 181 days since my brother has gone missing. A body was found in the Naches River last night, but it was not Larry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this man and are glad they now have some closure in regards to their loved one.

Larry's missing person poster will go up on 3 billboards around Yakima beginning in July and will run for 4 weeks. It's anticipated this kind of advertising will reach approximately 25% of the population. We would like to thank Jennifer B. at CBS Outdoors in Eugene, OR for her assistance in getting this program put together and making it affordable. The billboard will not carry as much information as our regular posters; research shows 7 words is generally the maximum that a driving person can absorb. At the same time that the billboards go up, we will be hitting Yakima with a new round of missing posters. A big thank you needs to go out to Nan at The Goodfruit Grower; without her awsome artistic talent we wouldn't have the high quality posters, website and art work for our searching needs. Missing persons posters aren't nearly as effective when they're not done in a professional manner. Thank you, Nan~

We continue to follow up on all leads and are in the process of asking for assistance from our State Legislature, Representatives and Senators. In addition, the Yakima County Commissioners and Mayor's Office have also been tapped for assistance in finding resources to further the investigation.

We are kicking off our next fundraising event this weekend with a giant garage sale in Snohomish. From there, the garage sale theme will move to Yakima. We also continue to sale wrist bands and quilt raffle tickets. We need to keep the investigation going anyway we can. We want to thank everyone who has donated, sent cards or called. Your thoughts and prayers are helpful to all of us.

In closing we continue to ask people to be diligent and call Detective Blankenbaker at YPD with any information (509-575-6200).

"God, please bring Larry home to his family...."

~S. Riegel

UPDATE JUNE 18, 2010
It's been 176 days since my brother has gone missing and still we don't have the breaks in the case we need. Our family continues to follow up on any leads we receive and still want to remind the general public that we have a reward offered for information leading to Larry's recovery. This is still an open case with YPD and if you have information, they would like to hear from you.

The past couple of months Larry's live in ex-girlfriend has made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to serve our family with Orders of Protection. These have now been either dismissed in court outright, or she has filed Orders of Dismissal. We knew from the beginning that we have never engaged in any kind of harassing behavior, nor have we supported such behavior by others. While these types of court proceedings are distracting, they are also vindicating. We looked forward to having our say in court, but will have to now be satisfied with the close of this chapter.

We have evidence that a particular friend of the ex-girlfriend camped out on Larry's Facebook page, we assume, looking for incriminating evidence. We knew from the beginning who she was and also knew that nobody had every said anything improper in this media, so we weren't concerned. However, it is disturbing to know that this person works in the City of Yakima's City Attorney's Office. Hmmm, it has to make you wonder and it brings up allot of other questions.

The proceeds from our fund raising efforts have been successful to the point that we have retained the services of a Private Investigator. I have provided a letter of introduction to this person, if he contacts you regarding this case, the family asks that you please cooperate and talk with him. If anyone is uncomfortable with this, please contact me so we discuss further.

I have also been requesting asssitance from various state and federal offices. Senator Murray has recently made a plea to the Attorney General to give additional law enforcement resources to Yakima County because of their gang activity. I would have to agree that YPD is sorely stretched with budget constraints, we have seen this ourselves with Larry's investigation. I have also contacted my own Representative, Rick Larsen (D) District 2, and asked for his assistance with budgetary constraints and resources. All of the citizens of Yakima County are served by having additional resources allocated to their law enforcement agencies. Write to your representatives and congressman with your support.

I will end my update with this; we have believed from the beginning that my brother did not walk away but that he is dead. We are hoping that someone will eventually come forward with the piece of information we need. Larry was a beloved member of our family, a good Dad, a great big brother, and a wonderful son. With Father's Day around the corner, please consider giving Larry's children the closure they need if you have been sitting on crucial information.

Thank you to all the supporters who continue to write and call.

In God's blessing.

~S. Riegel


We have set up a FINDLARRYRIEGEL Fund at U.S. Bank. Costs are continuing to mount with our investigation and it's becoming a lot to bear. We're hoping the Greater Yakima Community may be willing to donate to this fund to help us continue on. So many people have offered their help, maybe you could help in this way. Please click the secure Donate button below.

Minimum of $5 receives a super-cool, royal blue (the color for victim's rights) wristband, with white lettering!!

PLEASE help us find Larry!

  • UPDATE APRIL 15, 2010

    Thank you, Yakima! Larry's Spaghetti Feed and Auction was a great success! The outpouring of community support has helped make this difficult time much easier to bear. The strength of our friends and family keep us going.

    In addition to the 300 people who ate spaghetti and the 40 plus volunteers, the Riegel family would like to offer a special thanks to the following:
    • Old Town Station
    • Rays Wholesale Meats
    • Boomers
    • Scizzors O'Hair
    • Jessica & Shawn Hutchins Matco Tools
    • Becky Willey American Family Insurance
    • YKM Aerosports
    • Ed & Moe's Pawnshop
    • Signatures Salon
    • Chuck Davis C&D Service
    • Atkinson's AVA
    • Lee Family
    • Randy Valicoff Farms
    • Lucky's Copy Shop
    • Carmon's Comedy Club
    • K. Keith
    • A&T Quality Electric
    • Budget Carpet
    • Noel Pepsi
    • Ted Marquis
    • Old Town Pump
    • Precision Fruit
    • Arctic Land Ice
    • Wray's Thriftway
    • Grocery Outlet
    • Albertsons
    Bless all of you. ~S. Riegel

  • UPDATE MARCH 28, 2010

    I Mark your calendars for April 11, 2010, we will be having a Spaghetti Feed and Auction from 3 to 7pm at Holy Redeemer Hall at 1707 S. 3rd Avenue in Yakima. Tickets will be sold at the door; $7 adults $3 kids 4-12, kids 3 and under eat free. Come down and eat some good old fashioned, homemade Spaghetti. My brother would probably argue that it's not as good as his, but his cousins and sisters are pretty good cooks too! :)

    In the meantime, check out one of the many items we've had donated, a scenic flight for two people. This is the same package that was recently donated to the NRA for their annual auction and fundraiser!! We'd like to thank Mike Butterfield and Todd Braman of YKM Aerosport for their generous donation. Mike and my brother have been friends for a number of years, both on the ground and in the sky. Mike has been very supportive of our efforts from the beginning and I want to personally thank him for his kindness.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 11th!

    God Bless all of you ~ S. Riegel

    UPDATE MARCH 23, 2010

    Yakima rocks!! I can not tell you how much love and support has been coming our way. People are excited about the bracelets and are buying them like hotcakes! We have placed a second order, so please be patient if you're expecting one in the mail. As for other fundraising ideas, stay tuned about the spaghetti feed. We've had an offer of a beautiful, handmade quilt to be auctioned off at this event. How much better can it get than that?! We would like to hear more ideas about fundraising, so keep those emails coming.

    In the meantime, please pass the news on about my brother, our fundraising efforts, and most importantly, staying vigilant on any tips you may hear about.

    God Bless all of you ~ S. Riegel

    UPDATE MARCH 22, 2010

    Today is 87 days since my brother has gone missing. Whoever said time heals all wounds, weren't missing a loved one. It's always hard to lose a loved one, but when you're not able to put that person to rest; when you're not able to say a final goodbye; and when you're not able to have final closure, the pain becomes almost too much to bear. We want to thank all the wonderful people who have expressed their support and continue to hold us in their prayers.

    Our fundraising efforts are off to a good start and we are hopful we'll be able to meet our goal of hiring a private investigator to aid our efforts. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the cause, and ask that you spread the word about the bracelets. We are also looking ahead to other possiblities and ask that you give us feedback. Some ideas being tossed around are a spagetti feed, silent auction, wine tasting with live music affair, etc. Email us your opinions, we want to hear from you! What do you think the Yakima Community would be able to support?

    We have no new leads on the case this past week. We're continuing to get phone calls with tips and thank everyone for these. It tells us and the police that people are being vigilant and are keeping Larry in their thoughts. As the weather continues to warm up and people begin hiking, riding ATV's, riding horses, camping and traveling into the the surrounding areas of Yakima, please keep an eye open for anything that looks out of place. We feel fairly certain that Larry is someplace close by and ask that everyone remain on alert. Contact the Yakima Police Department or one of the family members with any information.

    One last thought....we continue to have our Missing Man posters taken down in the Moxee area. We're not certain why this area seems especially sensitive to our searches. Top Foods on Washington Avenue and First in Yakima also seems to be a spot that we're unable to keep a poster up for very long. If anyone sees someone removing these, please make a note to call the YPD or a family member.

    Thanks again for everyone's support. Help us bring this son of Yakima home.

    God Bless all of you ~ S. Riegel

    UPDATE MARCH 10, 2010
    My brother has been missing for 75 days and our search efforts go on. We'd like to thank all of the people within the Greater Yakima Community who have called with their suport and best wishes for our family. I alone get anywhere from 5-10 calls a week asking about Larry's disappearance. I cannot tell you how important hearing from all of you is to my family and I. Your offers of prayer and help is so meaningful. There is no doubt that you find his disappearance as suspicious as we do.

    In today's Yakima Herald, an article is running about missing persons in the Yakima Valley. A fairly large portion has been written about Larry and we encourge everyone to read the article. We also want to thank the Yakima Herald in their support of our investigative efforts.

    The case has taken some different twists and turns during the last couple of months. Currently we are running down leads on credit card purchases and additional phone records. There has always been a disconnect between the time our family thinks he disappeared and when his live in girlfriend says he walked away; family and friends haven't heard from him since 7pm on December 25th while his girlfriend says he left the house following an argument on January 4th between 6-7pm. We have spoken to neighbors and friends about him calling for a ride, or seeing him walking down the street. We haven't found any credible sightings or conversations with him after the 25th, except for his girlfriend. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS TIME FRAME, PLEASE CONTACT THE YAKIMA POLICE OR MYSELF.

    Our posters are continuing to come down, especially at Big Red's Diner in Moxee and Top Foods on 1st Street in Yakima. My 81 year old Mother drives out to Moxee 2 to 3 times a week to put up new posters at Big Red's, but the very next day these same posters are removed. She asks each time she puts them up and gets permission, but someone continues to remove them. You have to ask yourself who is removing these and why? There is nothing accusatory on these posters; there's no suspicions mentioned on these posters; there's nothing on them except information on my brother and phone numbers to call. Top Foods is a similiar story. We have our suspicions on who is removing the posters and why, but we have no sightings or confirmation. We are asking the public to please be vigilant and snap a photo on your camera phone if you see anyone removing these.

    In an effort to further our investigation, we have set up a FINDLARRYRIEGEL Fund at U.S. Bank. Costs are continuing to mount with our investigation and it's becoming allot to bear. We're hoping the Greater Yakima Community may be willing to donate to this fund to help us continue on. So many people have offered their help, maybe you could help in this way. Every $20 gets us closer to bringing Larry home!

    We are also having rubber braclets made to give to these donors so you can wear them in an effort to keep Larry's memory alive and to remind people that he continues to be missing. We're working on a distribution method for the braclets, so stay tuned. A Pay Pal link will be established on the website within the next week; in the meantime, donations can be made at any U.S. Bank branch.

    We're also looking for any businesses or individuals who are willing to donate the side of their buildings, barn, garage, etc. We'd like to stencil Larry's website address on the side of the building in an effort to keep Larry in people's minds. It will be professional lettering and will simply say:

    If you're a business owner, please consider putting this same website address on your reader board for one week. If you're not a business owner, but frequent a business often, consider asking the owner or manager to put up Larry's website address.

    I'll leave you with this last thought. Larry is a Son of Yakima....he's not a stranger to this Valley or to it's people. He was born and bred here; fished it's rivers, hunted it's mountains, and skied it's lakes. His disappearance has struck at the heart of our family, like nothing else. It's pierced this entire community, but it can galvanize us if we let it. We can marshall our grief and see this investigation through to the end.

    Please help us find Larry, let's bring some closure to this case.

    God Bless all of you ~ S. Riegel

    Update 02/28/2010: Susan Riegel
    It's been 65 days since Larry's been heard from by family or friends. We are continuing our investigation and welcome every ones leads, tips or comments on the case. If you have a tip, or hear some significant information, we ask that you contact the family through this site, Face-book, or phone. Because of the amount of rumors we've been hearing, we're also asking people to submit a signed statement.

    It's our position that rumors aren't helping our case and we're trying to weed out the rumors from the truth. If you don't feel you can sign a statement, then please ask yourself if your tip is based on fact or rumor. We recently had a couple of significant tips that when completely ran down by the YPD, turned out to be rumor and misunderstanding. We can't afford to waste valuable resources. If you've given us some significant information in the past, we may need to revisit those conversations to see if they can be made into signed statements.

    It's been our feeling from the beginning that my brother's disappearance is not a case of him walking away, as reported by his girlfriend. We believe that Larry's disappearance is actually a homicide and his family and friends are investigating it as such. With that being said, if you have any information that will enable us to find our answers, please contact us ASAP.

    It has also been reported that Larry's missing person posters are being removed from restaurants, taverns, and other businesses, etc. If you witness any of this activity, please contact us with information on the person removing the posters, date, time, etc. If you have a camera phone, please snap a photo and send it to us. If you can get a license number or description of the car the person is in, please do so. Signed statements regarding this kind of behavior can be very important to our case. We know this kind of activity has especially occurred in the Moxee area, although it's not limited to that vicinity. Larry's girlfriend has family and friends in Moxee, we are wondering if there is some connection and would like some proof of this.

    We are looking for information on the girlfriend and her associates. If you've had an affiliation with her currently or in the past, we're interested in hearing from you. We believe someone knows something about their relationship that can be helpful in getting to the truth.

    Finally, we have contacted other Law Enforcement Agencies (DEA, FBI, WSP, Tribal Police CI, AG's Office, DA's Office, etc) and are in talks with them now about Larry's case. They are all reviewing the background and facts and have expressed interest in our case. The more signed statements we can gather, the more credibility we'll have as a group. We will not give up talking to anyone and everyone who can help us find our loved one.

    Bringing Larry home is the most important goal to all of us. We must keep focused; your prayers and support means so much to all of us. Please put Larry on your prayer chain, light candles in his honor, if you're Catholic, place him in the Book of Petitions. Just don't forget him..... we haven't!

    God Bless all of you ~ S. Riegel

    Update 02-08-10: Susan Riegel
    Another week has come and gone with no word from my brother. Our family would like to thank the countless volunteers who continue to lend their support to finding Larry. Because of their efforts, we are continuing to receive tips that can be followed up on. Nothing is considered insignificant, so please keep the information flowing.

    A new missing poster has been developed with a yellow background. It includes some additional information on a distinctive opal ring that Larry wore for many years. The ring was custom made for him back in the 70's by Don's Artistry in Gold, located in Yakima. Pictures are available for comparison if we receive a tip that this ring has been seen, either on his person or shows up in a pawn shop. The new poster also includes an update on the phone numbers to call in the event of a tip.

    This last week a tip was received concerning a possible conversation between Larry and an acquittance by the name of Bill Byers, (the spelling is questionable here..) about a cross country trip to New York. Nobody in the family knows this person, what he does for a living, why he might be going cross country to New York, etc. However, this is an example of us taking every tip seriously and researching it's authenticity. While we cannot say with any certainty where Larry is, our family firmly believes he did not leave on his own free will. We are still hoping that someone in his neighborhood
    • Saw him walk away from his house,
    • Saw him get into a car or gave him a ride,
    • Heard a conversation, or
    • Knows what may have happened to make him disappear as he has.

    I have received a couple of anonymous calls and while their tips are important, I would ask everyone to please leave their names and numbers. I promise to be the soul of discretion in our conversations, I will not cause any trouble for anyone, I just want to find my brother.

    It's my understanding that a Group of supporters has contacted a psychic to assist the search. I've spoken to our immediate family and we are going to stay neutral on this. If the Group wants to go forward with this, we won't stop them but we won't be participating.

    We also would respectively decline any monetary contributions at this time. It's been mentioned by this same Group of supporters that donations would be appreciated. However, our family is not inclined to accept any donations other than volunteer hours and the support of prayers. We recognize the honor bestowed on our family, but respectively decline monetary assistance.

    Thank you again to everyone who is printing and posting flyer's; thank you to everyone who engages in conversation regarding Larry's disappearance; thank you to everyone who is using Face Book and sharing this information with their friends; and thank you to everyone who is praying for a resolution to this missing person's case.

    May God's peace be with all of you ~ S. Riegel

    Update 02-01-10: Susan Riegel
    My family would like to thank everyone who turned out at the vigil on 1/25 at Franklin Park. We had 47 people, perhaps a bit more, who came out with their candles, heavy coats and prayers. It was so touching for my Mom and especially my nephew, Brian, to see how many people are as concerned about Larry missing as we are. We also got calls from many others who were unable to attend because of illness or infirmity. Nonetheless, everyone's spirits were joined in stories and prayers. It also gave our community an opportunity to exchange information regarding Larry's disappearance. There really hasn't been any single piece of information that has been crucial in our efforts, but we are hopeful that someone will come forward eventually.

    Our family hasn't heard from Larry since Dec 25Th. His girlfriend has stated that he left for "the Coast" on the 25th, returned at some point the following week, then argued with her on the 4th and walked away from his home. We know he did not drive, so we are looking for the person who may have given him a ride that evening. We are also looking for a neighbor who may have seen him walking down the road. His girlfriend has said he was on his way to "a bar", but we've been unable to find any bars or taverns who saw him that evening.

    There has been no activity on his cell phone since 1/4 at noon. The little bit of phone activity that occurred during the previous week were short 1 min calls with no messages left and no actual telephone contact with anyone.

    I am pleading with anyone who has any information to please call the Yakima Police Department. My brother's disappearance has devastated our family. I cannot begin to tell you the gut wrenching agony all of us have been going through, but most especially Larry's children. I keep thinking how devastated I was when my Dad died, but at least we had closure with his passing. His children deserve to know what happened to their Dad and to have closure also. Larry's disappearance, no answers to our questions, and the numerous theories floating around are serving up a level of sorrow that is unmatched in all of our lives.

    And while we're on the topic of theories, let me just say that I've heard them all. No matter where my brother is or what he has done, it's still important to us to find our son, brother and father. Regardless, I will continue to look for him. I've promised my nephew I'll never stop looking, no matter what happens. Larry has a family that loves him unconditionally. My Mom raised all of us saying "I don't have to love what you do, but I will always love you". That pretty much sums it up..... we love Larry unconditionally and we are desperately seeking his safe return.

    Please remember, we are offering a reward for the crucial piece of information that will help us find Larry. Please keep the search active and keep his memory alive. May God's blessings be with all of you. ~ Susan R.

    Update 01-21-10: Web Team
    The family will be holding a candlelight vigil for Larry at Franklin Park on Monday, January 25th at 6pm. Follow >>>>> THIS LINK <<<< for directions.

    Update 01-19-10: Web Team
    Tune to Talk 980,, Thursday morning, 01-21-09,8:35 a.m. Susan Riegel Vaughn will be on "The Morning Show", hosted by Brian Stephenson and Dorothy Michaels. Listen to a live broadcast by following >>>> THIS LINK <<<< to the K-USA website, and choosing your download speed. (If your computer connection is typically slower, choose the 32K stream.) Get to the show a little early, so you can resolve any connection difficulties in plenty of time to hear the Larry Riegel segment.

    Update 01-19-10: Susan Riegel
    We're continuing to work with the Yakima Police Department Detective assigned to the case, but there have been no new leads to date. For him to walk away from his home, not take his vehicle and to totally disappearance is extremely out of character for my brother. We've been unable to find one credible person who has spoken to or seen him since Christmas Day. He went from speaking with his son every day and other family members and friends several times a week, to contact at all. The police have been looking at his phone records hoping to find a clue there, but there has been no recent activity to follow. We've been looking for him since he failed to show up for our family Christmas dinner on December 26th. If someone gave him a ride or has any information, we're asking that person to contact the police at 509-576-6573 and tell them they have information on case# 10-470. There is a reward for information that leads to the recovery of my brother.

    We're also in the process of listing him with American's Most Wanted Missing Persons and the National Center for Missing Adults, in addition to having a page up on Facebook and ads on Craigslist. If people Google, Yakima Man Missing, they'll pull back many of the links.

    Thank you for your assistance in keeping our search active.

    Larry Riegel

    • 57 years old
    • gray hair
    • hazel eyes
    • 6' 2" tall
    • 200 pounds
    • prominent scar on the right side of neck, recent surgery
    • was never without a distinctive, custom made, opal ring
    • Pilot / Cub Crafters
    • Outdoorsman / Hunter / Fisherman
    • Smokes cigarettes
    • Likes to socialize in clubs
    • Larry is a talker! Extremely outgoing and warm.
    • Enjoys playing cards